PODCAST: Ep 5 – CRM Smackdown

Podcast explores some of the tools an agent needs for an effective CRM and/or client communication management system.

Why do you needs a CRM? Which tools are best for you? Where do you find the tools? Automation? Lead generation? Client communication? We explore it all.

CRM Smackdown features https://www.brivity.com/ with Bob Stewart, http://boomtownroi.com/ with Brian Ahstroviak and https://teamleads.com with Corey Morris.

An agent’s business is their database, but what makes the database valuable is how you work and communicate with it. A CRM (client relations management) tool is essential in any business,. With so many choices how does an agent choose?

Features discussed:
* Lead capture (blog, property search)
* Lead generation
* Email campaigns
* PPC and Social Media Campaigns
* Integrated dialers
* Text functionality
* COST $$$

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