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B2B Partnerships – Referral Relationships (4 of 4) | Ep 15

This is the final of our 4 part series on Referral Relationships and today we are talking business to business networking and marketing and how it is you strategically find the best businesses to partner with and not just market to so you receive their pipeline of referrals.

Jason Wells, Esq.
Chris Niederhauser, Esq.
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Segment 1 (5-8min):
– The California Bureau of Real Estate is going after agents they believe are “pretending to be brokers.” The CalBRE issued a warning to all licensees that they would be handing out significant fines, revoking licenses and even seeking criminal prosecution against those agents they find are in violation of the rules.
– The CalBRE is concerned that consumers are being misled by agents using “real estate” in their team names or stating that they are “independent” professionals.
– Other states to take similar steps include South Carolina who banned “real estate” and “realty” and Michigan that now requires the brokerage to 100% the size of the agent or team’s name on signs.
– What’s your opinion?

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Segment 2 (20-25min)
– What a series this has been? We have covered what it takes to build and capitalize off of referral relationships starting with how to mine Facebook Gold in Ep 12, making over $100,000 from just your database in Ep 13, how incredibly powerful client events can be with our guest Angie Patten in Ep 14 and now we’ll finish off our Referral Relationship series discussing B2B partnerships.
– What is the difference between a B2B and a B2C relationship in real estate?
– B2C is what the typical agent looks to build. It is one-on-one and one-by-one relationships.
– B2B networking with and then partnering with a strategic business that can provide a direct benefit to each business.
– Why do agents struggle so much with B2B?
– What benefits have we seen from B2B relationships?
– Curb Appeal and Staging
– Transitions
– Volunteer
– Direct Sales
– Attorneys
– Remodel Contractors
– How does an agent identify a B2B opportunity? – Must be strategic
– Offer them value and don’t come looking for them to just give you something
– Value is not introducing yourself and doing the same thing every other agent on the planet can perform. It is not just giving them a flyer and saying, “call me.”
– Value is adding to their business, solving their problems, supporting their specials or events. It is being a partner.
– Follow-up is essential. Don’t be a one and done agent then wait for something to fall from the tree. Think of people that contact you for referrals.

Conclusion/Wrap Up
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