Top Golf

Every once in a while you need to just blow off steam, bond, have fun, relax and have a good time and the PressPlay Network is no exception.

PressPlay Realty takes over a couple bays at Top Golf in Gilbert, AZ (one of our favorite team hangouts) for an evening of food, fun and laughs.

Lost In Austin

Turns out you can’t always rely on Siri nor Google to get you places. Jason Wells, Chris Niederhauser and Ashlie VanWinkle laugh, argue, and cry as they drive all over Austin, TX lost.

Waiting on Ashlie

When traveling with Ashlie VanWinkle there are 2 things you can count on: 1. Diet Coke and 2. bathroom breaks, lots of bathroom breaks…

A Girl Needs Options

Typical guy v. girl travel and packing realities.