Waiting on Ashlie

When traveling with Ashlie VanWinkle there are 2 things you can count on: 1. Diet Coke and 2. bathroom breaks, lots of bathroom breaks…

A Girl Needs Options

Typical guy v. girl travel and packing realities.

Ep 5: MEGA CAMP 2016 Part 1 – The Arrival

Follow Jason, Chris and Ashlie as they travel to Austin for KW Mega Camp 2016. The crew rents an Airbnb house for the week to mastermind, hangout, eat amazing Texas bbq, and goof around.

PODCAST: Ep 5 – CRM Smackdown

Podcast explores some of the tools an agent needs for an effective CRM and/or client communication management system.

Why do you needs a CRM? Which tools are best for you? Where do you find the tools? Automation? Lead generation? Client communication? We explore it all.

CRM Smackdown features with Bob Stewart, with Brian Ahstroviak and with Corey Morris.

An agent’s business is their database, but what makes the database valuable is how you work and communicate with it. A CRM (client relations management) tool is essential in any business,. With so many choices how does an agent choose?

Features discussed:
* Lead capture (blog, property search)
* Lead generation
* Email campaigns
* PPC and Social Media Campaigns
* Integrated dialers
* Text functionality
* COST $$$