PODCAST: Ep 2 – Pros and Cons – Real Estate Team vs Solo Agent Team

In the first PODCAST by the PressPlay Network, Jason Wells, Esq. and Chris Niederhauser, Esq., top producing agents and attorneys with more than 500 closings in their first 5 years in the business discuss the pros and cons of being on or running a real estate team.

This 4-part series discusses the benefits and drawback to being on a team as opposed to being your own agent/business. Included is are disucssions on:
1. Benefits of being on your own as a solo agent
2. Why the typical agent can’t compete with a Mega Team
3. Pros and Cons of teams
4. Which one is best for you
5. How you ultimately will be successful in this industry

Jason and Chris are co-founders of the PressPlay Realty Network. They along with the 3rd co-founder, Ashlie VanWinkle, have built a team that is now expanding across the Western United States with offices in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ – Salt Lake City and Provo, UT – Sacramento/Folsom, CA – Seattle and Bellingham, WA as of June 2016.

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