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PODCAST Ep 9 – Capitalize on Disruption and Innovation

Innovation and disruption are occuring at an incredible rate through real estate. Agent and brokers need to either figure out how to create or embrace those disruptions or else they will be looking up as the world moves on without them. Introduction: Jason Wells, Esq. Chris Niederhauser, Esq. Connect BEYOND THE PODCAST on social media […]

ABS the 2nd Business Pillar

PressPlay Realty Network agents work off of 3 basic business pillars designed to produce a net take home to them of $100,000. The 3 pillars are: SOI (sphere of influence) ABS (agent based strengths) Promotion (marketing, internet leads, social media, etc) It is not enough to generate a lead you need a system to convert […]

PODCAST Ep 8 – Impact of 2016 on Real Estate

2016 in real estate saw the emergence of easier access to big data, predictive analytics and the solidifying of teams as the next evolution for agents. We really identified our inefficiencies, focused on what our audience wants and not on what the industry has said is valuable to clients, the result, our best year yet.

PODCAST Ep 7 – Guaranteed Business TNT for 2017

More than a plan of activities to perform throughout the day, a clear business plan will set you up for guaranteed success in 2017. To do so, get clear about what you want. With that clarity get intentional. With that intention become purposeful. With purpose comes results. Introduction: Jason Wells, Esq. / Chris Niederhauser, Esq. Connect […]

Top Golf

Every once in a while you need to just blow off steam, bond, have fun, relax and have a good time and the PressPlay Network is no exception. PressPlay Realty takes over a couple bays at Top Golf in Gilbert, AZ (one of our favorite team hangouts) for an evening of food, fun and laughs.

Got Ge-llow?

The lifeline of any sales or service related business is lead generation; however, generating a lead is not enough you must also follow up to convert that lead to a client. As a top real estate team in the country, PressPlay focuses on “lead ge-llow” or lead generation and follow up. “If your business is […]

Lost In Austin

Turns out you can’t always rely on Siri nor Google to get you places. Jason Wells, Chris Niederhauser and Ashlie VanWinkle laugh, argue, and cry as they drive all over Austin, TX lost.