#StopLivingOnPause PODCAST Ep 14 | Client Events – Referral Relationships (3 of 4)

Client events are an increasingly popular way to stay in contact with clients for agents to use in building their business. After all, who doesn’t like to be invited to a movie premier, sporting event, picnic, BBQ, bowling or something like that? Agents who incorporate these sorts of client events or client appreciation events into their business strategy are seeing massive success as they are really getting what it means to build Referral Relationships.

This is the 3rd in our 4 part series on Referral Relationships and today we have a special guest who has mastered the client event, Ms. Angie Patten of the Chris and Angie Patten Team at Keller Williams East Valley.

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Segment 1 (5-8min):

Segment 2 (20-25min)

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Angie Patten is a top producing agent out of Tempe AZ whose business has a heavy focus on client events. Angie was named to a Southeast Valley 40 Under 40 agent last year and this year received the cultural award (WI4C2TS) over 300 agents in her brokerage at KWEV.

 Follow Angie at https://facebook.com/ThePattenTeam and her website at http://ThePattenTeam.com

  • When did you start doing client events and what are they all about?
    • Began doing client events, and more specifically a client picnic in 2010 (7yrs ago)
    • This is a true thank you event that is exclusively for our past clients and we go all out for them.
    • Key is to have time to speak with them and spend time with them. It is of course all about the relationship.
  • Why did you start doing client events?
    • To see them at least once a year, and find out how they are doing, how their kids have grown, stuff like that.
  • What systems do you have in place for communicating these events?
    • Engagement after the event with tagging them in your database
    • Phone calls, mass text, emails, pop-by visits, Facebook messages to them
  • What has having these events done for your business?
    • It has created an amazing downline of business and referrals.
  • Other client events you put on?
    • Pop-bys every Christmas giving a branded ornament. Really cool to see their house and have them show off their house to you.
    • Hard work to do this, but we just know that it is happening and it is part of our December.

Conclusion/Wrap Up

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