Building a Real Estate Team Ep 1: Who We Are

Real estate team building and team development is on the rise in the real estate industry, so what are the best practices?

For the first time, go behind the scenes of one of the fastest growing real estate expansion teams in the country. PressPlay Reality Web series follows actual real estate agents as they grow a multi-state team with locations in Arizona, California, Utah and Washington and build their business.

In Ep 1, our pilot episode, learn about the philosophy of PressPlay Realty Network, to #StopLivingOnPause and it’s flagship location – WELLS Realty Group in Tempe, AZ. The co-founders of PressPlay Realty Network explain what makes this team different, and why agents are attracted to working here.

PressPlay Realty Network’s mission is to Educate, Empower and Entertain and the webisodes, as well as the #StopLivingOnPause PODCAST, are just two of the ways we are bringing authenticity and value to the real estate industry.

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