PODCAST Ep 10 – Never Miss a Goal

Goal setting is nothing new and perhaps one of the oldest tips for success in business and life. However, just setting the goal doesn’t get it done. Execution on the goal is the determining factor of going from a goal setter to a consistent goal achiever, and time blocking is the discipline to get you there.

Jason Wells, Esq.
Chris Niederhauser, Esq,
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Segment 1 (5-8min):

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Segment 2 (20-25min)
Introduce Ashlie VanWinkle (@ashlie.vanwinkle)

  • 20yrs as licensed agent
  • Co-Founder of the PressPlay Realty Network
  • Leads the expansion and recruiting efforts for the network and oversaw a 150% increase in agent count during 2016 and an increase in closed volume from $30M in 2015 to $45M in 2016.
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Interview with Ashlie

  • 80/20 Rule
  • Importance of Time Blocking
  • Do you time block every little thing, categories, what?
  • How often should you time block? Weekly, daily? Yearly?
  • What happens to a person’s business when they fail to time block?
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