PODCAST Ep12 – Make Relationships Stronger – Finding Facebook Gold

Referrals from Facebook Relationship — Agents, STOP thinking you can send your friends and family a newsletter, recipes, emails, or magnet calendars and that will somehow convince them to refer you business. You receive referrals based on your relationship with them, so make your relationships stronger.

Jason Wells, Esq.
Chris Niederhauser, Esq.
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Segment 1 (5-8min):
— The combined value of every home in the United States is expected to climb to a record high of more than $29.6 trillion, up 5.7 percent from just one year ago.

If this seems like an unfathomable number, that’s because it is.

Let me try to put it in perspective for you.

The U.S. housing market is now worth more than:
The GDP of the United States and China combined
The entire 2015 market cap of every U.S. public company combined (almost $25 trillion)

Plus it is now worth:
— 20x more than the net worth of the 50 richest Americans ($1.2 trillion)
— 20x more than 3,000 brand new Boeing 747-8s ($1.2 trillion)
— In fact, it would take 339 people with the net worth of Bill Gates ($84 billion) to purchase every home in the United States!

Sock Game

Segment 2 (20-25min)
— Family, friends and past clients are the biggest sources of business for most agents (referrals)
— According to NAR 42% of all buyer and 64% of all sellers were referred to their agent
What an opportunity with 42% of buyers and 64% of sellers coming from referral business.
— What does it take to get a referral?
— Relationships will determine your ability to get referrals
— The Typical Agent provides value by sending a newsletter, email drips, market statistics or info, magnet calendars, etc., these things DO NOT strengthen relationships

— What does strengthen relationships? Connection – interests – hobbies – time – interaction
— Use social media, especially Facebook to strengthen relationships
— PressPlay 3X3 Connection — – Top 150 people in your sphere of influence (SOI) – Create a list in FB – Begin 3×3 — 3 comments and 3 private messages every day = 6 touches/day or 30 touches/week or 120 touches/month – Tutorial video for WELLS Realty Group 3×3 System:

Value Touches – Commenting on what is happening in their life rather than in yours. Making the interaction all about them and not about you. – Providing answer or help to questions or challenges – Being a sympathetic ear – Being a cheerleader for them – Sharing something with them that made you think about them and explaining to them why it was it made you think of them

Value Touches increase connectivity, increase interaction, increase mindshare and make relationships stronger.

Conclusion/Wrap Up
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