PODCAST: Ep 6 – Real Estate Industry Under Attack

Real estate agents are going to wake up one day and find they have gone the way of the taxi cab driver and travel agent if they don’t embrace the technologies that are coming out and become the ones actually innovating.

Jason Wells, Esq.
Chris Niederhauser, Esq.
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Segment 1 (5-8min):
Great to be back
Phoenix is #1 for 2017
CRML is giving $160,000 earned from their MLS syndication back to brokerages who opted into the CRMLS and had at least 10 listings in 2016. Each listing pays $1.39.
Just wrapped our 3rd Annual PressPlay Retreat
PressPlay Realty Network is looking for agents in all locations
Sock Game

Segment 2 (20-25min)
How big data and tech startups are disrupting markets.
Expedia v Travel Industry
E-trade v Stockbroker
Netflix v Blockbuster
Uber v Cabs
Real Estate and other service based industries have a target on their back
Why do you think tech is targeting real estate?
Value? Define. Articulate.
The process and paperwork
Public perception of agents
What ways are tech firing at the real estate industry?
MLS gave IDX access to inventory who gave it to public
Sites for FSBOs and syndication availability
Opendoor ($320M in Equity funding first round $80M Feb ‘16 and $210M Nov ‘16)
Haus – from Uber co-founder Garrett Camp
Right now claims to be a transaction platform
Open information including Offer amount, contingencies, concessions, etc.

Conclusion/Wrap Up
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